Stealth Influence Content Mastery

Below is the Stealth Influence presentation from an Event in Phoenix.

How It’s Structured:

It’s broken up into six different parts so that you can easily refer to and practice the parts you want to actively improve.

You can binge watch it all, but afterwards, I recommending watching one a day, one a week or even one a month to that you have time to practice. DO NOT SKIP steps 1 through 3 or nothing will work the way you expect it to work. They are short, and they apply to EVERYTHING you do in your life, not just marketing.

1. Learning And Increasing Intelligence [3:29]

This is one of the biggest missing piece when people teach something new; not teaching the audience how to learn - or how to define learning and measure whether or not it’s occurred. As you probably know by now, testing well does not mean knowing how to do something in real life.

2. Finding and Maintaining Motivation and “Flow” [6:14]

The second missing piece, when trying to learn something, is understanding how to find a flow state or stay motivated to do something that takes time. Here’s a framework that has helped me get on track and stay on track:

3. “The Rocky Road” and How To Communicate With Your Audience Better [4:30]

Influence starts with effective communication. Most of us are terrible at it - it’s called “the Rocky Road from Action To Intention”. This is another “Force Multiplier” - it will make everything you do more effective.

4. Allegiance Capital: How To Build Trust at Lightning Speed [7:00]

Sales start with trust. Implementation starts with trust. Retention and referrals are entirely trust based. Here’s how to make everything you do fill up the “trust” account

5. Stealth Influence: Influencing People and Replacing Their Beliefs [58:54]

The Stealth Influence Marketing Framework and Strategy. This was filmed at an event about video and advertising, so it’s presented in that context. It will work on all mediums.

6. Stealth Influence Sales: My Sales Process (Easiest way to get sales ever, IMO) [26:57]

How I sell people without having to sell anyone on anything.

[You can see the full video (same content in one, long video) here.]

Resources are below.

Here’s my recommendation…

If you’re just starting, money is an obstacle right now or you want to DIY, bookmark this page and the resources below. Video number two will give you a framework to stay consistent until you get good at it.

If you’re already rollin’ and value your time more than your money, you can peruse whatever you want to peruse, but it might be best to get in a room or on a call together to shortcut the whole thing.


You’ll notice some of the resources are redundant. They are presented slightly different, but the same concept.

Learning and Intelligence

Finding and Maintaining Motivation

The Rocky Road

Stealth Influence Marketing and Content

Stealth Influence Sales

You can also download a limited edition PDF study guides below:

Stealth Influence Workbook (4)
110KB ∙ PDF file
Stealth Influence Workbook (4)
110KB ∙ PDF file

…And Then What?

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I’m not sure that you should because I don’t know anything about where you’re at, where you want to be or your unique disposition.

So you’re going to have to be honest with yourself and self select.

The easiest and cheapest thing to do is to subscribe to newsletter you are reading on this. Even if you don’t want to subscribe, you can view everything for free. It’s designed in a way that if you go down the rabbit holes that you find interesting, you’ll end up in the place that is most interesting or useful to you.

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If you want to step into the Arena - get in the room - with me, my partners, friends and other extraordinary humans let me know.

Anyway, the first step is the obvious one: Watch, review, practice the videos above.

In fact, here’s the process of engaging the field for maximum benefit.