The Letter

Letter Announcement/Update #1

The forthcoming Direct Mail newsletter, creatively called the Letter:

  • Will be $147 a month. The first ten “Founding members” will be invited to enroll at $97 a month and they will be invited via direct mail.

  • There will be no digital copies. Physical letter shipped to your mailbox every month

  • No come-back policy. If you cancel your subscription you will not be allowed to re-enroll. We still love you, you’re just not allowed back to this specific product.

  • Each issue is designed to pay for itself many times over.

  • Limited Enrollment. We will open cart and close it after ten enrollments for each enrollment period. It will go like this:

    • First, we will go to the waitlist with the ten spots. Ideally, they are filled and it’s never promoted or announced publicly.

    • If the ten spots aren’t filled within 24 hours we will announce it to our inner-circle audience/friends.

    • If someone cancels the following enrollment will have one additional spot - so we would take eleven on the next open cart.

    • The roll out will likely be in the following order.

      • Waitlist - if the spots aren’t filled:

      • Guardian Academy Paid Members - if the spots aren’t filled:

      • CCA graduates - if the spots aren’t filled:

      • Stuff and Things (This Newsletter)

The logic here is simply supply, demand and quality. The question is: can we enroll ten per enrollment period without pushing it out so that we can reallocate all “marketing” resources to product quality. I believe so, but time will tell.

  • Finite number of issues. There are 33 issues lined out plus the ridiculous welcome package. That means the Letter will run for at least 33 months. However, we will not fill it with fluff just to keep the recurrinr revenue. Whether there are eight subscribers or eight thousand subscribers, when we feel like we don’t have something to share worth 100x the investment, we will cancel payments and retire the Letter. No more will be created or printed.

  • The first package, Letter 0 and the Welcome Package, will be mailed out on October 1st.

Here are some of my Letter musings, sharing the logic, reasoning and details publicly on Twitter - what is now X. Most Letter updates will be Tweeted - or Xed? - here.

The Letter can be found here:

Invites will be sent via direct mail first. So if we have your address, you will get an invite a day or two before everyone else.


Because whenever possible I try to sell the deliverable using the same media as the deliverable. Ie. If the deliverable was being delivered via email, I’d want to sell it via email as much as possible. If it was video, I would want to sell it off of video as often as possible.

This is a direct mail letter, I would like to see it from a direct mail letter as often as possible.



PS. If you already know you don’t want direct mail or cannot/will not swing $147 a month - don’t put your name on the waitlist. It will create clutter for us AND clutter for you. Keep it simple.

Here is the link again: