Work With Me


There are a few ways to work with me directly.

First, be sure that you know what you would be getting into. Read through this newsletter, go down some rabbit holes, and ask around.

If, somehow, you’re still interested there are only four ways to work with me directly:

Become a Guardian of The Guardian Academy:

The Guardian Academy is designed for maximum exposure and proximity - extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. It it less structured than the CCA. While most of the Guardians are business owners, it is not a requirement for entry.

Guardians have direct access to me for whatever they need, Monday office hours and quarterly Guardians events.

Full disclosure: To direct pay into the Guardian Tier is $25k for the first year. If you contribute to the group over the first year, you will be extended and invite to remain a Guardians for $10k a year ongoing.

You can choose to participate in the Guardian Academy for free here.
Or Apply for direct access here.
We take a maximum of five new Guardians a month

Partnerships And Collaborations:

I am always looking for interesting or unique partners.

My favorite companies are brick and mortar or “boring” stuff like insurance, payment processing, etc.

Never assume what someone else is looking for, it might not be what you think.

There are three ways to partner or collaborate:

  1. Direct introduction from one of the people in my inner circle

  2. Guardian

  3. Go through the ENTIRE Nicsmas 2021 collection. It’s 16 hours of video. You can start here. I don’t blame you if you don’t want to take the time - that’s just just my requirement.

Work Next To Me

I do a lot of weird and interesting stuff.

Right now, for example, I am working with a grandmaster to become one myself. It will take a longgg time.

If you are interested in learning how to breath, swing swords, martial arts and all that fun stuff you can read about my journey here.

Full disclosure: At this point, you wouldn’t learning from me, you’d be learning alongside me. But, I do hang out with the others on the path often.


Nicsmas 2021

The Letter Subscribers will also have live calls, events and exclusive opportunities to do crazy stuff.

Details on Monthly Bumpers Workshops